Arthur’s Blessing Shower

After finding out Arthur’s diagnosis and coming to grips with the likelihood that we will not take him home with us from the hospital after he is born, one small aspect my grief was thinking about not having a shower to celebrate him and his arrival. Although we have most of what we would have needed from gifts we received for Adele, we would still have needed diapers and boys clothes, and I would have loved an excuse to get together with friends and family. Before that mid-pregnancy ultrasound, I was anticipating having a shower this time around since the one planned for Adele had been cancelled as we went up to Connecticut upon Artie’s father unexpected passing. I had only attended traditional baby showers or “sprinkles”, opportunities to shower the expectant mother with gifts that will help here in the upbringing of her child.

At the end of September, a few friends put on a shower for us. It was one of my favorite days in my pregnancy with Arthur. What do you do at a shower for a baby like him? Well, hopefully these pictures can show you. Some of Mommy’s favorite foods and drinks (happy mom, happy baby, right?). Crafts. Written prayers and Scripture to pray over him. Laughter and conversation with friends. A time of prayer. A few maternity pictures. Gifts and gift cards. In a lot of ways, it was just like a normal baby shower. It was a time of happiness and celebration. A time of enjoying him and these friends. A time of blessing. A blessing not so much of physical things, but of spiritual things. It was so much more than I could have ever imagined.

What a loved little boy.

Thank you Hidden Pearl Photography for capturing this special day – I will cherish it in my heart forever. Thank you to the women who planned and put on the shower. Thank you to all who were there, who laughed and cried with me. Thank you to all who contributed Scripture that you will be praying for our family and our special boy – it is marked in his Bible with your name next to it, for us to remember and be reminded of.

*For those who are following our story and would like to commit to praying for us, you can still participate in this blessing shower! Just contact me with a verse(s) you will pray for us and I will add it in the Bible.

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