He’s Here!

Arthur Neale came into the world December 8th at 10:20pm into our arms, alive! We are soaking up the moments with him but wanted to take a quick moment to show him off. We have celebrated every hour so far – going on 9. So thankful for our little fighter ⚓️


32 thoughts on “He’s Here!

  1. Kathy Connery says:

    Congratulations! You have done exactly as you set out to do- you have made him so real for all of us; not a life to mourn and weep (altho you will) but still a child to celebrate, a life, however brief , that you have made and that will live on for you forever. You have imparted all of your combined strength to him, so that he can fight long enough to impress himself on your soul, and ours, forevere!
    You truly have been an inspiration!


  2. Peggy White says:

    Rejoicing with you! We are so thankful that you have had these precious hours with Arthur – thank you for sharing his photos with us. Still praying!


  3. Martha says:

    So awesome for you and family to be able to cuddle you baby boy alive. Those moments will always be precious, prayers for a little more time and comfort for the times to come.


  4. Connie says:

    What a beautiful gift from Jesus! May His kingdom come and His will be done. May God open the windows of heaven and pour blessings like rain down on you all until you’re utterly saturated in His presence, grace and peace. Congratulations!


  5. Dotsie says:

    G’s thoughts this morning: Some day when you two get to heaven Arthur will meet you and thank you for how you loved him so well and gave him life.


  6. Dana says:

    I have been praying for you and that you will have this precious time to give all the love that Arthur deserves, requires, and surely needs in the time God has allowed him. He is a wonderful, blessed life that we will always remember. God Bless you all.


  7. gaimee says:

    Tears in my eyes and joy in my heart as I read. That sweet man has known nothing but Gids unconditional love through your fight for faith. Praying for all of you.


  8. June says:

    Arthur you are beautiful!!! Praising God for this precious time holding each other and for the arms that hold you all! Continuing to pray the Lord’s strength and comfort in your lives! Thank you for sharing his and your life…it has touched beyond words!


  9. Bryan and Keg says:

    Praise the Lord Jesus for your long-awaited son! We continue to lift you up before our All-Sufficient Father who is Able, more than Able.
    May the Lord bless you and keep you all.


  10. Wendy says:

    Praying for all of you as you navigate this duplicitous path of joy and sorrow. Our God will sustain you. I know Arthur feels loved. Love and peace to all!


  11. Glenda Haglund says:

    Congratulations on the birth of your son Arthur. Thank you for sharing him with us. May you be strengthened with God’s love and grace and joy as you savor every moment the Lord gives you all together. Prayers with you all.


  12. Cleveland & Arlana G says:

    Arthur and my husband now share the same birthday! We are so happy that God is giving you both time to love, hold and adore your baby boy with those juicy lil feet! You all are truly amazing and we are blessed to have you as neighbors. Keep the faith!


  13. I have continued to pray for all of you! I TRULY understand all the emotions you are experiencing! Having buried 3 of my own children, as well as my first grand baby, I UNDERSTAND!! You will be BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE as you have been ( & will be) such beautiful examples of God’s PERFECT GRACE!!


  14. Maryann Clark says:

    God bless little Arthur Neal. Sending you all my love and support.
    How fortunate he is to have such love all around him. Truly inspiring and touches my heart deeply.


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