Arthur’s Birthday Photos

I have mentioned a few times on here about Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. This network trains and mobilizes photographers in the work of providing professional remembrance photography for families experiencing the untimely death of a child or a fatal diagnosis. This is free of charge to the families that receive them. Back when we were given Arthur’s diagnosis, I got in contact with the Charlotte area coordinator for NILMDTS. Fortunately for us, we had time to plan for Arthur’s arrival knowing he wouldn’t be with us long. Some families have no warning. But regardless of the circumstances, these photographers provide their valuable services and products for free, as gifts to grieving families. Not only that, but they give up time, as they are on call to come to the hospital with little or no notice to serve.

Our photographer came to the hospital shortly after Arthur was born, from a Christmas production involving her kids. Arthur was born at 10:20pm and she stayed with us into the early morning hours of the 9th of December. We are so grateful for the sacrifices she made to capture these first precious moments with our son. While he is no longer with us, the memories we have from these photos will help us to look back and remember our time with him.

A little part of me wondered how I would feel once I saw him, mainly the effect of his condition. I can assure you, I saw nothing but beauty in this boy from the moment he was placed on my chest. I love these photos. To me, they capture the love that we felt for Arthur and for one another in those first moments after seeing him for the first time. We hope that you enjoy them too.

If you are a professional photographer, I would highly encourage you to look into volunteering your photography services and serve your community this way with your talent. You can play an important role in helping families heal after child loss. You can be a source of light to families during the darkest time in their lives.

If you are not a photographer, but would like to help NILMDTS, I would encourage you to donate here.

*Photos by Faith Massey – Images By Faith

10 thoughts on “Arthur’s Birthday Photos

  1. Wendy says:

    Beautiful, sweet child. What a wonderful gift to have these photos. Still praying for you, Artie, Adele, and the rest of your family.


  2. Keg A. says:

    He is lovely. So lovely. We praise God for His care and provision over y’all. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

    Love and prayers,


  3. Those feet, those hands, those little lips, that hiney of his…crying sweet tears of joy and sorrow with you right now. These are so treasured, thank you for letting us get a glimpse of heaven today through your sweet boy.


  4. Glenda Haglund says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! What precious photos and memories. Thank you for sharing him and reminding me to pray for you as you grieve. May Christ continue to strengthen and help you each day. May He catch every tear and meet with you in the most difficult moments/days.


  5. Though teary eyed, I am blessed by these photos, by your family’s story and unwavering faith. And grateful for the photographers that use their gifts so generously so that we can all experience the joy even in the sorrow you felt that day. Thank you for your boldness Kittery, we are all blessed by it daily.


  6. Missy Fiorita says:

    Tender, beautiful, faith-filled, holy photos that inspire us all to live lives of gratitude and reliance. Thank you for sharing this love journey with us. It is impossible to measure how Arthur has blessed our world with his life. Truly amazing! Steadfast prayers abound for your precious family.


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