The Blessing Stocking Gift

At Christmas, we had a stocking for Arthur. You can read about that here. Family members contributed to it and I recently took the monetary gifts to put toward a cause in Arthur’s name.

If you look back at pictures we have with Arthur, he wore a few different hats in his time here with us. They were made with love by a woman who volunteers her time and talents to make these sweet gifts for families carrying a child with anencephaly. In our package, we received hats for him, and there were also a few things for Adele – some stickers and a book about heaven. It was amazing to receive a gift like that from a stranger and brought us much comfort during those hard days as we prepared for his arrival. She does these gift packages when she has supplies on hand. I thought it would be a great way for Arthur to get to bless other babies with his condition in this manner.


This was one of our favorite hats and Arthur spent the most time in this one. My cute little snowflake!

So last week, I went out to the craft store and bought some supplies with the gift money to go with the items that some family members had already given. Adele (kind of) helped me pick out yarn colors, charms for the hats, and some stickers. We ordered as many What About Heaven? books as were in stock on Amazon at the time. I packaged it all up, sent it out, and it arrived at it’s destination this week. I felt so giddy and excited to do it. I am so thankful Arthur’s life is continuing to bless me as it is blessing others.2016.01.20_014 copy

You can check out Anencephaly Hope on Facebook to see what you can do to help!

2016.01.20_016 copy

Most of what goes toward the gifts Lisa makes, but I wanted to give something to her. She calls her ministry Anencephaly Hope. And hope being a major theme of my blog posts, plus having a little crafting itch, I made this. I kind of want one for myself – because this journey with a boy with anencephaly has brought about hope for me in the things to come.

One thought on “The Blessing Stocking Gift

  1. Dotsie says:

    Maybe we should consider zentangling “hope.” What a wonderful gift–and I love the colors you two girls chose for yarn. Miss seeing you!


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