2 Months


We continued with our monthly celebration of Arthur, and February 8th and 10th mark his 2 month birthdays. Adele picked out the color this time, and it very appropriately goes with the holiday of this month. She really enjoyed having the balloon around, and she even wanted to take it with us places. It gave us some opportunities to talk about her brother with others. She had a lot of fun with it, and it reminded me of the great 2 days we had with Arthur after he was born.

She released the balloon today, and I got to explain to her about where Arthur is. I can’t wait to join him and be at rest with him someday.

Happy 2 months in heaven, sweet boy! We love you! 

1,2,3 Happy Birthday, Arthur!

Another Heavenly Post

We have a few books from the Little Blessings line. They are wonderful children’s books that are based in Scripture. Adele loves the illustrations in these books. We received this one about heaven when we were pregnant with Arthur. And let me tell you, this book is so full of HOPE. I have often wondered how I should go about talking with Adele about life and death and heaven in an age appropriate way, but having books like this helps. And while I think it will be helpful for her in the coming years, I’ve found it to be most helpful for me.

The first part of it is written as if a child is speaking, asking childlike questions about heaven. I have italicized the second part, the speaker answering the questions. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.

What About Heaven? 

by Kathleen Long Bostrom

I know that God loves me.
Of this there’s no doubt.
But what about heaven?
What’s that all about?

Is heaven a place
that is near or that’s far?
Can I get to heaven
by boat or by car?

How will I find it?
Who’ll show me the way?
Does heaven have nighttime?
And what about day?

Can I have a room
that is only for me?
Do I have to pay,
or can I stay for free?

Will I look the very
same way I do now?
Will everyone know
who I am? If so, how?

What food will I eat?
And what clothes will I wear?
When I get to heaven,
who else will be there?

Does heaven have mountains,
and trees I can climb?
What will I do there
with all of my time?

Is there enough space
for the animals, too?
Will there be some kind
of a heavenly zoo?

Since God is in heaven,
it has to be great.
Can I go there now,
or do I have to wait?

All questions have answers,
but some you won’t learn
till God says it’s time
for his Son to return.

Your questions are good ones,
so let’s dive right in
and see what the Bible says,
Ready? Begin!

Though heaven’s a place
that you can’t see from here,
it says in the Bible
that heaven is near.

You don’t need to know
how to fly or to swim.
The way is with Jesus,
believing in him.

It always is daytime —
there never is night.
The light of God’s love
will be shining so bright.

Jesus will give you
a room of your own,
with others nearby
so you won’t be alone.

Your body will change
so it’s perfect and new,
and yet you will still be
the very same you.

But here’s something different,
and this is no trick:
In heaven nobody
will ever get sick!

Our hurts will be healed,
and the deaf will all hear.
The blind will see clearly.
There’s nothing to fear!

Everyone there
will be able to talk,
to sing and to dance,
and to run and to walk.

In heaven God serves you
the very best meal.
You’ll never be hungry —
now that’s a good deal!

The clothes that you’ll wear
will be white and so clean;
In heaven you won’t need
a washing machine!

Even the animals
won’t want to fight;
They’ll all get along —
they will not scratch or bite.

Though time has no ending,
you’ll never get bored;
For thousands of years
seem like days to the Lord.

Heaven is full
of such beautiful things:
The music of millions of 
angels who sing.

Rivers like crystal
and seas smooth as glass,
emeralds glowing
like green springtime grass.

Mountains and jewels
of every type,
trees full of fruits
that are juicy and ripe.

Sadness and pain
will be taken away;
once you are there,
you’ll be happy to stay.

All of God’s children,
the young and the old,
will gather together
on streets made of gold.

And then there will be
such a grand celebration
When heaven and earth
have become one creation!

Life will be perfect
for heaven’s the place
We’ll see God, the Father
and Son, face-to-face.

For God will be there,
everywhere that you are;
And Jesus will shine
like a bright morning star.

Heaven is wonderful,
don’t you agree?
It simply is the best place
we could ever be!

The author lists references on the pages. Here they are if you want to look for yourself – References: Mark 4:22, 1 Cor. 13:12; Matthew 3:2; John 3:16; John 11:25-26; Rev. 22:5; John 14:2; 2 Cor. 5:2-3; 1 Cor. 15:42,44; Isaiah 29:18, 30:29, 40:31; Isaiah 11:6-7, 25:6; Rev. 3:5; 2 Peter 3:8; Rev. 5:11; Rev. 4:3,6; Rev. 21:19-20, 22:2; Rev. 21:4,7,21; Rom. 8:21; Rev. 21:1, 22:3-4,16. Christian parent – I highly recommend this book if you have littles!