8 Months


Parting with a child in this life is never easy. It’s been hard to navigate talking through things with our living child, who is processing so much of the world around her right now. As we move further away from Arthur physically being with us, I have wondered if it will be harder for her to remember that she has a brother. But as we have been free to talk about his life with her, as we have continued to do this monthly balloon release in honor of him, I have been surprised by her. She mentions her brother’s name. There are things, like anchors, that remind her of him. And she knows these balloons are for him. Any other time she’s received a balloon these past few months (like the complimentary ones for kids at Publix), she wants to send it to “Arfur”.

PicMonkey Collage

Happy 8 months in heaven, Arthur! We love you!