9 Months


Your big sister loves to send you these balloons. She almost had a meltdown because she wanted to go out as soon as she could after her nap, and I couldn’t get out the door fast enough. I’m surprised it took 9 months, but Adele finally picked a pink balloon. It seems fitting for this month. She has reminded us many times in the past week, “Pink is my favorite.” September has also been a month of celebrating the arrival of your little sister. Lots of pink and girly stuff. The showers are reminding me of the sweet time we had celebrating you last year. It’s hard to believe she comes next month. While I’m finally feeling excited about her arrival, it doesn’t change how much I miss you. Every single thing we do just feels incomplete, like we are missing a part.


I can’t wait to experience what you’re experiencing, buddy. Happy 9 months in heaven, my love!