11 Months

In all the excitement of your little sister being here, we have not forgotten about you, sweet boy! If anything, I have thought of you more. Wishing I could have held you longer. Fed you, burped you, changed you, snuggled you more. While your Irish twin has been a very content baby so far, you still win the prize for the most peaceful baby. Daddy picked your balloons this week,┬ábut Adele wanted to send an extra one – one given to us for Hope. Just so you know, its a girl!



We got news this week that you have another girl cousin – we are so excited to love on another niece when she comes in April! You are WAY outnumbered so far, little man.

Happy 11 months in heaven, Arthur Neale!


Just love all my babies! Top left – Adele, Bottom left – Arthur, Right – Hope